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Our Story

Namibia Construction’s rich history has been a journey of progress, transformation and change. The company was founded in 1949 by Hans-Heinz Schulz and initially traded under the name HH Schulz. Its first ever project being the construction of an outhouse toilet in Okahandja. In 1977, years before Namibia’s independence, the company changed its name to Namibia Construction.

During this time the country’s own evolution and freedom was gaining momentum and reaffirmed our position as a truly Namibian company. We have since evolved from our humble beginnings and are executing multi-million dollar projects, contributing to the nation’s infrastructure. There are many roads, towns, shopping centres, mines and other noteworthy projects throughout Namibia that have been constructed by our company. We are proud to consider ourselves pioneers and key players in the construction and development of this wonderful land of the brave.


Our vision is one of upliftment and growth, in the words of our late director Karl-Heinz Schulz, Namibia Construction is a “cornerstone in construction”, a company that throughout the years has employed thousands of Namibians, developed their skills and affected their lives to better prosperity. This is our quest. To continue to be the contractor of choice in an environment where we can uplift Namibians through world class projects.


We remain one of the few Namibian companies with no direct or indirect external shareholding. The company now operates regionally in Namibia with major offices in Swakopmund and Windhoek, across various divisions, which include:

• Buildings • Civil works • Mining • Roads • Reservoirs • Concrete • Crushers

Our Legacy

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Current Director, Hans-Peter Schulz (Left), successfully leads Namibia Construction by leveraging more than 30 years of civil and construction management experience. Building on the foundations of the company founder, Hans-Heinz Schulz, Hans-Peter has over the years established a well-respected name by growing a team of construction experts who are committed to serving clients with integrity. He has developed domestic and international business relations that go beyond mere business interactions and is regarded for his sense of respect with affection.

A savvy leader with an extensive background in building construction and civil engineering, Hans-Peter believes in the power of investing in people to serve clients with the respect and personal attention he believes they deserve. Dedicated to investing in our employees, NC nurtures individuals who are motivated, engaged and committed to providing quality and consistency.

Namibia Construction has developed a team-orientated, patterning approach in working with our clients which is filtered down and instilled in all our employees. This is fundamental in achieving our values of providing our clients with a professional and ambitious serviced approach. As a company, we remain committed to improving and growing talent in-house.

In 2016, after the passing of our late Director, Namibia Construction established the Karl-Heinz Schulz (Right) Academy to honour his contribution to the construction sector, and to further enrich this legacy. Just one of the many ways the company continues to grow and invest in the longevity of its success and the local industry as a whole.

Our Values

Individually, our values may seem obvious. But put them together and our unique company culture is born.

Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act

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