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Nedbank Namibia Campus

Nedbank Campus Namibia is a newly built building consisting of offices and 5 parking levels with cantilever slab. The estimated quantities that went into completing the project;

  • 10MPa blinding = 215m³

  • 30MPa concrete = 14 465m³

  • Paving = 1550m²

  • Formwork = 48 590m²

The Nelson’s Project

University Architectural & Engineering Building

Formwork for the project was estimated at 16 940m² and half a million of 7MPa bricks. The project consisted of lecture venues and auditoriums with accurate finishings. There were also cone shaped columns precisely constructed. The cement used was 32.5N and 42.5N CEM II Ohorongo Cement, and most of the concrete was ready-mix provided by City Concrete.

The construction of new Architectural and Engineering Buildings for a University consisted of concrete totaling;

  • 10MPa concrete = 186m³

  • 30MPa concrete = 4 809m³

  • 40MPa concrete = 212m³

20131 Grove Street

The project consisted of demolition work, bulk earthworks and the construction of a new multi-storey (9 floors) building. With major off-shutter walls (1060m²), floor channels casted in the floors for services, high-end finishings and the first Business Management System in Namibia

  • 10MPa concrete = 150m³

  • 30MPa concrete = 8 320m³

  • 40MPa concrete = 565m³

  • Formwork = 38 880m²

  • Paving = 5 010m²

  • Roof Sheeting = 1 185m²

  • 7MPa Bricks = 589 600 bricks

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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